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Join Study Africa

We are announcing our Logistics & Supply Chain Training Platform "Join Study Africa" with the support and management of Bmax Global. In this training platform we provide Basic Certficate Course and Advance Certificate Course in Logistics & Supply Chain. Basic Certificate Course is now begins from 1st of May 2021 and registration is going on.  Bmax Global is a unique and leading brand in the Nigerian Transport and logistics industry and also the top global service provider in the field of logistics & supply chain in Africa.  We have another two great recognized partners for this training platform are Hardiv and Harvey Business School are the top educational institutions in Africa and recognized globally for its great academic standards and education curriculum.  The key educator of this certificate course is Ajit Kumar Mishra, CMILT . He is the life member of "The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport. Mr. Mishra is also working as Faculty and Edu

Classes For Management Students

Join study announces its online classes for students of BBA & MBA . These classes are available in the cloud platform. Theses classes are also include weekly and other days live virtual classes for one hour. As you know the owner of this website "Ajit Mishra" is the Chartered Member of "The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport" and also working as a faculty of BBA and MBA of different institutions and colleges.  This online classroom for management students contains study materials, assignments, quizzes and many educational activities. This classroom also provides online virtual classes as per the terms and conditions.  This online classroom for management students is highly popular in the local students. Students can register in the classroom and select any type of classes. After confirmation students will allowed to join the classroom. Click Here to know more about the classes of management studies. 

Business Consultancy for Logistics And Supply Chain

We have a group of trained freelance professionals who are trained and skilled by Join Study. The course owner of Join Study platform "Ajit Mishra" has wide range of professional experiences in the field of logistics and supply chain.He has 15 years of working experiences in corporate world as top managerial authority.  Mr. Mishra is the Lifetime Chartered Member of The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport. Mr. Mishra with his freelancer students work like a group of professionals and provide business and analytical solutions in the field of logistics & supply chain. We are expert in the following  Supply Chain Analysis Lean Logistics Consultations Network Design Liaising and many more. For any need of consultancy in logistics & supply chain you can contact us or book an appointment with us. Click Here to know more about our consultancy services in logistics & supply chain. 

How To Join Training And Educational Classes

Join Study provides different types of training classes in the field of logistics & supply chain. Our pointed training and education classes are highly popular. These online classes are suitable for students, corporate workers, management trainees and independent professionals of logistics & supply chain.  These training classes are also useful for group of staff of any company if they need any upgradation in the skills of their staff. To update the skills of any group of staff company authorities are requested to contact or book an appointment with the class owner "Ajit Mishra" .  Training and educational classes are prepared to focus on the different topics of logistics & supply chain. You have to choose any topic or topics of transport, logistics and supply chain to join the online training session. Our training and education classes are always open for registration. You can join the classes at any suitable time for you after the registration and approval t

New Batches Of Skill Development Courses

  As you know Join Study is a dedicated platform of skill development in the field of logistics and supply chain. This dedicated online platform has two online skill development courses . These courses are suitable for corporate workers, independent professionals and those who are seeking jobs in the field of logistics and supply chain industries. The courses are as follows. Skill development courses in logistics management. Skill development courses in supply chain analysis. Each courses has its 12 week durations. The online platform organizer and course owner "Ajit Mishra" announces its new batches in the 15th of each months.  So in the 15th of every month Join Study has started its new batches of online skill development courses. Fo you can join the course in the 15th of the coming month. To join the course you have to submit us the given registration form and follow the given instructions with rules and regulations provided by us. 

Join Our Online Demo Classes

Online classes are the best for skill development courses. These online classes are helpful for corporate workers and independent professionals. these online classes are available in the cloud platform and live virtual classes are open to participate those professionals and corporate workers as per their free time, may be in weekends or in any holiday.   Join Study has also its educational and skill development classroom at the cloud platform. Our live virtual classes are also decided after a detail discussion with our students and learners.  To understand our classes and courses you can join our demo classes. to join our demo classes you have to submit the given form. We will inform you a proper date and time after receiving your properly filled form. we will provide you a link to join our demo class to understand the learning system of our classroom. Please go the link given below to submit the application form of demo class. If you are not able

Welcome To Join Study's Newsletter

Welcome to Join Study's Classroom  Newsletter. Here you will see our all educational activities. join study will notify you all it's activities here.  As you know Join Study will help those students and learners who are not able to join very costly training program to upgrade their skills in the field of logistics & supply chain.  We have all types of training programme some are paid and some are free. Time to time we also organize some free online events for skill developments . Our events are highly productive and based on skill development study pattern.  Here you will also informed batches and schedules of coming free and paid classes for you. We are going to add some other activities also regarding skill development and professional consultations.  You will get all types of notification regarding you skill, career and professional development. we have some training programs for corporate workers and independent professionals also. Join Study dedicated itself for educat



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